New feature for UAV’s equipped with towed magnetometer

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UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
July 11, 2017

Riga - July 11, 2017 - SPH Engineering announces update of the UgCS version 2.11 adding parameter to manage overshoot speed for photogrammetry and area-scan tools. Option is added to provide better control of towed magnetometer during UAV magnetic survey missions.

Option to decrease the speed of UAV for overshoot segment helps to minimise swinging motion of UAV towed magnetometer during turning to enter next survey line. Discover more detailed information about UAV magnetic and other low-altitude survey mission planning with UgCS in GeoConnexions International Magazine September's issue.

Update also adds support for DJI Matrice 200, M210, M210RTK and Phantom 4 Adv, expanding the already wide base of UgCS supported drones.

Overshoot speed parameter is one more useful feature enriching UgCS version 2.11. Implemented data import from .KML and .CSV files, enabled place-mark import as a set of route's waypoints, added altitude tolerance parameter allows more precise terrain following for photogrammetry missions. These features, along with custom map and DEM data import is the reason why land surveyors increasingly add UgCS to their tool-set.

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