Measur, SPH Engineering, and AltoMaxx are poised to transform the drone technology landscape across North America.

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SPH Engineering
June 1, 2023

May 30, 2023. Calgary, AB - Measur, a leading provider of uncrewed solutions in North America, SPH Engineering, the global leader in integrated drone systems, and AltoMaxx, a Canadian pioneer in uncrewed integrated solution data acquisition, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership to deliver drone technologies of SPH Engineering across North America.

The new level of partnership will allow Measur and Altomaxx to distribute integrated solutions in Canada with extensive sales and marketing support from SPH Engineering, as well as to offer SPH Engineering's solutions in the United States.

SPH Engineering provides integrated systems between drones, a wide range of sensors, and UgCS software for advanced flight planning. It is one of the few companies worldwide with an in-house sensor testing field, which is used to continuously explore new integrated sensor options. The integration of sensors such as Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR), Echo Sounders, Magnetometers, Metal Detectors, Methane Detectors, and more provides advanced solutions for various industries worldwide.

"I am delighted to welcome Measur and Altomax to an esteemed partners network of SPH Engineering," said Alexei Smirnov, Regional Director at SPH Engineering. "This partnership presents a remarkable opportunity to merge expertise and resources, empowering us to achieve new heights of success. We are genuinely thrilled about the promising possibilities that lie ahead."

AltoMaxx, as the strategic SPH Engineering partner for Integrated Systems training in Canada, brings extensive experience in drone services and training. With a team of world-class technical experts and offices across Canada, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates, AltoMaxx is committed to delivering comprehensive end-to-end training. Their dedication to client success aligns with the goals of Measur and SPH Engineering.

"AltoMaxx Technologies, Measur, and SPH Engineering are all leaders in the drone industry, demonstrating mastery of our respective verticals of data acquisition, hardware distribution, and integration services. By entering into a strategic partnership agreement, we are now able to provide a seamless experience with end-to-end support and expertise for the Integrated Solutions market within North America and beyond," says Steve Priestley, Chief Operating Officer of AltoMaxx Technologies.

Measur will be the distribution arm of the partnership dealing with sales and support.

"We could not be more excited about what this partnership brings our current clients and the drone industry as a whole in both Canada and the USA. SPH Engineering is a pioneer in drone-based integrated solutions continuing to be at the forefront of the industry, and the response we have received from both current and prospective clients has been fantastic," says Lukas Wilgosh, Vice President - Drones and Geomatics at Measur.

"Altomaxx has been a close partner of Measur's in a multitude of facets for several years, and this official partnership will allow us to continue to grow and leverage each other's experience in the industry. They are North America's most experienced users in SPH Engineering's integrated solutions and have a wealth of knowledge in proof of concepts, training, and more that will benefit our customers."

Together, Measur, SPH Engineering, and AltoMaxx are poised to transform the drone technology landscape across North America. By providing integrated solutions, these partners empower industries to unlock the full potential of drones, revolutionize survey and inspection processes, and achieve improved efficiency and safety.


Measur is a Canadian company with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Mississauga, and Montreal, that specializes in the distribution and service of commercial uncrewed solutions. Founded in 2001, Measur has become the most trusted source for aerial solutions in mining & aggregates, agriculture & forestry, infrastructure & utilities, construction, surveying & mapping, and oil & gas.

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SPH Engineering is an expert in drone technology development, focused on developing advanced solutions for a wide range of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The company's state-of-the-art technologies are specifically designed to enhance the experience of drone-based activities like surveying, data collection, and entertainment. SPH Engineering has a significant customer base and partner network spread over 150 countries worldwide, giving a solid global presence.

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Drone technology has driven innovation across a wide range of industries – providing enhanced speed, accuracy, and reliability of data collection. At AltoMaxx, we help our clients realize these possibilities by leveraging state-of-the-art technology to deliver more complete data, in a shorter amount of time, with a higher degree of accuracy. But collecting data is just the start – AltoMaxx's world-class experts have the technical and industry knowledge required to transform that data into actionable information to support your operations.

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