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Maximizing DJI Drone Capabilities with UgCS - a Professional Flight Planning Software: An Insightful Guide

Kristaps Brass
Product Owner @ SPH Engineering
UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
March 21, 2024

Maximizing your DJI drone's capabilities is crucial when looking for a comprehensive drone piloting guide. Whether you're an experienced pilot or just beginning, understanding the advantages of professional flight planning software like UgCS can dramatically enhance your drone operations. This article will explore the benefits of using professional software for drone piloting, highlighting its impact on mission success, accuracy, and operational capabilities and serving as a basic drone pilot study guide.

Advantages of Professional Flight Planning Software

One of the main advantages of using UgCS is the ability to save time in the field by being able to preplan all of the flights in the office on a large PC/Mac screen before heading into the field. This saves a lot of time for the pilots in the field.

Moreover, professional flight planning software like UgCS offers many benefits, from simplifying complex flight paths to automating tasks that would otherwise require manual input. For drone pilots, this means more efficient flight planning, more safety, and the ability to execute more precise and complicated missions. The software's user-friendly interface, combined with its sophisticated algorithms, allows for the easy planning and execution of flights, making it an invaluable tool for drone pilots and a good choice as beginner drone software as well.

UgCS improves drone mission efficiency and safety by enabling preplanning and automating complex tasks.

What Types of Flights Can Be Automated Outside of Pilot 2

Beyond the basic flight plans offered by DJI's Pilot 2, UgCS features uncover a wide range of automated flight paths. This includes a dedicated photogrammetry tool, area scan tool for magnetometer flights with optimized turn radius, ability to plan complex LiDAR corridors, vertical facade scans of buildings and towers and creating detailed 3D models / digital twins. This highlights UgCS's versatility in handling different drone applications. It emphasizes its capability to automate complex flight patterns and missions that go beyond the standard offerings of  Pilot 2.

UgCS provides enhanced automation for flights, such as photogrammetry, LiDAR, and 3D modeling, in addition to what DJI Pilot 2 offers.

Getting High-Paying LiDAR Projects

For drone professionals looking to tap into the high-paying market of LiDAR projects, understanding how to plan and execute these missions effectively is key. With UgCS software, pilots can plan and perform LiDAR missions that match clients' precise and accurate needs in construction and land surveying areas. The software has special features for LiDAR projects, helping pilots win and successfully finish important jobs. Demonstrating your ability to adapt to project-specific requirements and offering solutions that enhance the full capabilities of LiDAR technology will set you apart. Additionally, integrating drone flight tutorial content into your offerings can provide a significant value-add for clients and peers alike.

UgCS gives drone pilots the features they need to do well in high-paying LiDAR projects, helping them stand out.

The Importance of Terrain Following

One of the main features of UgCS is its advanced terrain-following functionality. This allows drones to automatically adjust their flight altitude based on the underlying terrain, ensuring consistent and safe ground clearance throughout the mission. This feature is crucial for missions that require precise altitude control, such as detailed aerial surveys and inspections. UgCS's terrain-following capabilities outperform many other solutions, providing a significant advantage in flight safety over complex terrain. It helps gather better data by ensuring the drone stays at an optimum altitude, no matter the shape or bumps of the ground below.

UgCS's terrain-following ensures drones maintain a safe height, enhancing safety and data accuracy during flights.

Map Customization

UgCS provides drone pilots with a high degree of map customization. That allows them to add specific elevation data and map overlays to fine-tune their flight plans according to the exact requirements of each mission. This level of customization guarantees that flights are guided by the most up-to-date and accurate geographical information, significantly enhancing the precision of mission results and making flight paths safer. With this advanced mapping capability, pilots can confidently navigate their drones, ensuring that every flight is efficient and aligned with the mission's goals, thus minimizing risks and maximizing the quality of data collected.

UgCS lets pilots customize maps for safer and more precise flights, improving data collection.


Using professional flight planning software like UgCS can greatly improve what DJI drones can do, giving pilots an advantage in a competitive market. UgCS allows for automating various flight types, handling high-paying LiDAR projects, accurately following the terrain, and customizing maps for specific missions. Whether you're preparing with a drone pilot license study guide, looking to enhance your skills with beginner drone software, exploring UgCS Pilot2 features, or seeking a comprehensive drone flight tutorial, getting to know UgCS is a step toward becoming a skilled professional drone pilot.

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Written by Kristaps Brass

Kristaps Brass is an Engineer and Product Owner of UgCS at SPH Engineering. During the last decade at SPH Engineering, as an experienced drone pilot, Kristaps has collected countless flight hours. He has done customer training around the world and participated in an expedition to Greenland in 2019. Kristaps is leading the team behind UgCS flight planning software, helping drone pilots transform their operations around the globe.