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UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
October 4, 2022

Article by Alexey Dobrovolsky, CTO SPH Engineering

Please provide a brief bio and overview of your history with SPH Engineering

Before SPH Engineering, I spent 20+ years in the IT/software industry. My profession is software developer, and my career has been pretty successful. I started as junior software developer when I was a student in university and finished my IT journey as the head of a software team with 450 developers. We worked on custom software development for corporate customers, with the systems ranging from dozens to tens of thousands of users.

At some moment I realized that these projects are not exciting for me anymore, and thanks to my hobby (radio-controlled helicopters, I still have a few in my house) I decided to drill deeper into the new industry – civilian unmanned vehicles. Most interesting for me were multirotor systems – because in a nutshell they are just computers with a few sensors and motors.

What we quickly found with my companion, Alexey Yankelevich, who is now is in charge of all software development at SPH Engineering – there are multiple flying “vehicles” on the market, with much less sensors for them, and almost no good software to plan and fly missions to deliver useful results. 

So, we came to the idea of UgCS – universal – meaning all drone manufacturers-independent software – to plan photogrammetry, LIDAR, magnetic and more surveys for popular drones present in the market. And with that in mind we started SPH Engineering in 2013.

How is UgCS connected with SPH Engineering? What are the benefits of this.

The answer is very simple. UgCS (Universal Ground Control Software) is the name of our very first flagship product. SPH Engineering is the name of the company.

At the early stages of our company, we didn’t have plans to have more products or business lines than UgCS. SPH Engineering name was hidden behind the brand of the product.

Now we have more products and 4 business lines (we call them UgCS Core, Drone Show Software, Integrated Systems, and Consulting & Development), so to tie them all together we mention the company’s name SPH Engineering in all our communications.

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