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Join the webinar: Building Successful Drone Show Businesses in the Middle East with SPH Engineering and HoverUp

Drone Show Technologies
May 31, 2024

Join SPH Engineering, an expert in Drone Show Technologies, and HoverUp, a provider of complete drone solutions, for an exclusive webinar on how to build successful drone show businesses in the Middle East.

Date: June 12  

Time: 5 PM (GMT+3, Jordan time zone)

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Webinar Highlights:

  • Industry Insights: Explore the current drone industry landscape, key trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Middle East Market Specifics: Learn strategies for attracting customers and navigating the unique regional market.
  • Compliance and Training: Understand the compliance requirements and necessary training for starting a regional drone show business.

Discover how to leverage drone show technologies to create a thriving business in the Middle East. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from leading industry experts.

Meet Our Speakers:

Ghassan Dadokh, Senior BD Advisor – HoverUp

With over two decades of experience in program management, startups, strategic business development, sales and marketing leadership, and technology consulting, Ghassan holds an MBA and a degree in communications engineering. His disciplined military background further enriches his expertise.

Alexander Levandovskiy, Head of Drone Show Technologies – SPH Engineering

Alexander has been instrumental in building the brand and launching 70% of the world's largest drone shows, including Guinness World Record events. Under his leadership, Drone Show Software has enabled over 400 companies worldwide to successfully operate drone show services, creating spectacular shows in over 75 countries.

Ilze Mozalevska, Lead Sales Manager – Drone Show Technologies, SPH Engineering

With extensive experience in providing top-notch drone-based solutions, Ilze manages sales processes and oversees Spanish-speaking partners for SPH Engineering. Her leadership and insights on the latest trends in drone show technology are invaluable.