Introducing UAV+Magnetometer solution for metal object detection

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Integrated Systems
November 23, 2019

SPH Engineering announces the addition to its drone-based solutions for industrial inspections - an integrated system of a drone with a magnetometer.

The integrated system combines a drone with a sensitive magnetometer SENSYS MagDrone R3 and a precise altimeter for True Terrain Following mode.

SENSYS MagDrone is a Fluxgate magnetometer system and therefore is able to detect any magnetic metals/materials. It is applicable to:

  • Searching for UXO (unexploded ordnance)
  • Locating buried infrastructure (metal pipes and shielded cables)
  • Archaeology
  • Surveying for any metal objects weighing a few hundred grams or heavier lying underground.

The magnetometer is not an active sensor. It measures the magnetic field at the point where it is located. So for the detection of objects (especially small ones), it is very important to fly as close to the surface as possible. The true terrain-following system with a precise laser altimeter allows flying as low as 1m AGL.

MagDrone R3 comes with the SENSYS DataTool software - an easy to use software to process sensor's data.

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