High-Flying Technology: ITG DroneSolutions and SPH Engineering Integrate Their Tools DroneSuite® and UgCS to Enhance the Work of UAS Operators

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SPH Engineering
February 19, 2024

February 2024 — [A Coruña, Spain, and Riga, Latvia] — ITG DroneSolutions, a Spanish startup offering innovative solutions for UAS operators such as DroneSuite® and DroneSafeBox®, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with SPH Engineering, experts in drone technology development. This collaboration aims to integrate DroneSuite® with UgCS, their internationally leading flight planning solution.

DroneSuite® is fleet management software that streamlines the daily activities of companies across various industries, efficiently organizing pilot work, standardizing processes, and ensuring traceability of operations, incidents, maintenance activities, and bureaucratic tasks.

Developed by ITG, a National Technological Center located in A Coruña, it is a perfect tool for any size of organization with teams of pilots and drone fleets.

The collaboration of SPH Engineering and ITG DroneSolutions represents a significant milestone for UAS operators, offering users a comprehensive and robust solution for mission planning, execution, and aerial mission analysis.

The integration of DroneSuite and UgCS will empower drone operators to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and make the most of their capabilities.

Key Integration Features:

  • Advanced Mission Planning: Users can efficiently plan complex missions by combining UgCS's precision navigation capabilities (including 3D environment monitoring) with DroneSuite®'s team and work management.
  • Unified Flight Control: The integration enables unified control of the drone fleet, enhancing coordination and real-time response during critical operations with multiple drones.
  • High Compatibility with Different Manufacturers: With UgCS's extensive list of supported drones, integration ensures the inclusion of all operator fleet information, regardless of the drone manufacturer. This aligns with ITG DroneSolutions' strong commitment to collaboration, developing brand-agnostic solutions, and rejecting planned obsolescence.
  • Team Efficiency: streamline your team's daily tasks by scheduling and monitoring every operation, maintenance, and incident. 
  • All-in-One Solution: manage all your assets, including vehicles, payloads, insurance, certificates, and more, while securely organizing your company's information.
  • Results Security: guarantee dependable outcomes through standardization and procedural adherence. Create customized checklists to align with your team's processes and ensure thorough tracking of tasks.
  • Multi-role: customize the flow of information and seamlessly share flight data with subcontractors and clients. Enhance training and testing capabilities while automating workload management.

Statements from the Teams:

"This strategic collaboration marks a significant advancement in our industry presence. The integration of DroneSuite® and UgCS combines the leading expertise of both companies to provide our clients with a comprehensive and effective solution for their drone operation needs." - David Vázquez, Director of Business Development, ITG DroneSolutions.

"Construction, powerline, and mining companies hire pilots for worksite monitoring. Making operations transparent and standardized with proper IT tools ensures that company managers know what happens and quality of imagery and point clouds are at the highest level. " - Alexey Yankelevich, Head of Software Development at SPH Engineering.


The integration of DroneSuite® and UgCS is already available. For more information and to request a free trial, please contact info@itgdronesolutions.com.


ITG DroneSolutions offers solutions to optimize the workflow processes of UAS operators, capable of managing all assets in a fleet and executing automatic BVLOS operations using robotic hangars. The company has unique technology with applications in the field of drone-based logistics transportation systems, security surveillance, and infrastructure monitoring. ITG DroneSolutions strives to provide solutions that enhance the capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with a strong commitment to operational safety and against obsolescence.

SPH Engineering is an expert in drone technology development. Since its establishment in Latvia (EU) in 2013, it has focused on developing advanced solutions for a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The company's state-of-the-art technologies are specifically designed to enhance the experience of drone-based activities like surveying, data collection, and entertainment.