Forbes | TechChill 2020 Is Hot For Connectivity

SPH Engineering
February 25, 2020

Article by Will Townsend

Last week marked my second visit to the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, for the ninth annual TechChill startup event. The show focused not only on 5G (my main love), but also a blockchain, MedTech, FinTech, and Greentech—that’s a lot of techs! I spent nearly three days in the Baltics with a number of innovative companies and startups. Here I will share my impressions and insights on those that have the potential for disruption in the networking and connectivity space.

The good news is that Latvian operator LMT continues to work with Estonian operators in an attempt to solve this challenge in the Baltics, with a focus on drone use cases and cross-border flight. During a media tour before the event started, I attended a demo hosted by LMT and SPH Engineering in a cold and windy patch of Latvian forest with open airspace. Based in Latvia, SPH Engineering delivers a drone control service platform that is utilized for the majority of drone airshows around the world, including much professional football and soccer events and past Olympic games. In addition to drone delivery, SPH Engineering is working with the United Nations to deliver a safer detection process for minefield discovery. The LMT and SPH Engineering collaboration is compelling and could be leveraged as a testbed for broader scale policy harmonization for all of Europe beyond the Baltics.    

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