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Explore the Exciting USA Drone Demo Flight Series!

Integrated Systems
August 10, 2023

The SPH Engineering team recently hosted an impressive drone demo flight series in collaboration with Drone Arrival, WISPR Systems, Frontier Precision, and Inspired Flight Technologies. We seized the opportunity to showcase cutting-edge technology across various locations like California, West Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Illinois.

Our team of experts had the chance to demonstrate the capabilities of these sensors:

  • Zond Aero 500 GPR
  • Echo sounder ECT400
  • MagNIMBUS Magnetometer
  • Pergam LaserFalcon
  • Methane Detector

But that's not all. Our sensors are now set up to work seamlessly with American Inspired Flight IF1200A and Wispr Ranger Pro drones. This is especially exciting for the industry and folks who are into those fully US-manufactured drones.

And here's the scoop: Almost all of these sensors are available from our partners across the USA for demonstration. So, whether you're itching to see these gadgets in action or need a real-world trial, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to set up everything for you.

Those who took part in our demo flights were particularly drawn to the Echo Sounder, which is becoming more recognized for its value in activities like dredging, construction planning, and environmental care. GPR is also making waves, especially among law enforcement agencies aiming to uncover hidden objects underground.

And don't overlook magnetometry – it's changing the way we find abandoned oil wells and helping the environment in a positive way.If you're ready to plunge into the world of drone tech and innovation, stay in the loop by keeping an eye on our newsletters.