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Expand your mining business with drone technologies of SPH Engineering

Integrated Systems
November 30, 2022

Expand your business in mining!

Expand your business in mining!

Sensor-equipped drones solve everyday mining tasks up to 10x times faster, up to 70% more cost effective, and with less risk than traditional methods.

Integrated systems solve everyday mining tasks more efficiently:

✅ Mapping & Surveying

  • Photogrammetry

✅ Environmental monitoring

  • Methane detector
  • Water sampling

✅ Bathymetry

  • Echo sounder

✅ Underground & subsurface search

  • Ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Metal detector
  • Magnetometer

What’s in it for you, dear partner:

👉 Expand your portfolio and earn more with high-marginal products

👉 Offer new services to your customers: training, drone-based services, drone program and many more

👉 Implementation and support

👉 Get Partner commissions on each solution sold (depends on partner’s level)

Whether you already operate with mining clients or only intend to, we have you covered. Join our growing community of successful partners in the mining industry!

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