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Envirotec | Measuring methane at landfill sites using drones

Integrated Systems
July 5, 2021

With significant investment from the University of Manchester, Envirotec project members will work closely with Viridor’s UAV partner, High Compliance, to master the flight characteristics required for effective methane emissions surveys.

Waste management firm Viridor says it is demonstrating its ambition to tackle climate change by supporting the development of new technologies for measuring and reporting methane emissions across its UK landfill sites. Using the latest UAV laser sensor technology, Viridor says it will gain timely and insightful information to enable the business to meet the industry specific challenges identified by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) in respect of landfills.

The company has established a project team to plan a series of methane measurement surveys across several UK sites. These surveys will take place from the summer of 2021 and will utilise an innovative UAV-based methane measurement system.

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