EAGE UAV Community members demonstrated LiDAR and bathymetric systems in Tartu, Estonia

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September 6, 2022

A newly launched the EAGE UAV Community contributed with lectures and workshops to UAV 2022 summer school in Tartu, Estonia. The community’s focus was on gathering data with the use of LIDAR, echo sounder and high-resolution camera.

SPH Engineering together with Topodrone SA conducted photogrammetric, LIDAR and bathymetric surveys to produce a full digital twin of the test area.

Image 1. Conduction a LIDAR scanning of test area, screenshot of UgCS EXPERT during the mission with the LIDAR sensor provided by TOPODRONE.

‘Here we demonstrated how to use standard commercially available drones, sensors, and software with the aim to build a full digital twin of an area consisting of old quarry, forest, buildings, and powerlines. At the first stage the area was covered with a photogrammetric mission utilizing a 61mp camera from Topodrone. Stitched map and elevation data was used for LIDAR and airborne bathymetric missions planning. Having 3 datasets, we can merge them to produce digital models of area, including underwater parts, and also classify objects.’, Alexey Dobrovolskiy, CTO of SPH Engineering, explains.

Image 2. Colorized point cloud and bathymetric data merged into a single data set. Bathymetric data were collected using SPH Engineering’s airborne echo sounder system. Data processing done in Green Valley’s LiDAR360 software.

"Drones are enabling new scientific discoveries and deeper understanding of the fast changing environment. During the summer school we are explaining and demonstrating those tools to the younger generation and therefore I am very glad to have people from the EAGE UAV Community here sharing their experience and passion with us", Marko Kohv, lead organizer of the UAV 2022 Tartu summer school, adds.

Image 3. Screenshot of ground control station during the bathymetric data collection.

The UAV summer school (Tartu UAV summer school 2022) took place between August 22 and 26, 2022 in Estonian Tartu city and was devoted mainly to different UAVs and sensors, common applications and workflows for data acquisition and analysis.

Image 4. Vertical profile of surveyed area, including the lake’s bottom.


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