Drone Systems opted for UgCS to map an urban area and inspect district heating

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UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
March 16, 2021

March 16, 2021 - Riga, Latvia - Drone Systems, a leading EU specialist in thermal drone inspections, contributed to a large mapping project of an urban area of 620 hectares in the southern part of Copenhagen, Denmark. A part of this large operation related to the inspection of district heating was performed by Drone Systems with the use of a UAV. 56 flight routes were planned in UgCS for thermal mapping purposes.

The district heating pipes are typically around 1 meter below the surface. To ensure optimal results the data collection was performed at night during winter time. In post-processing all the thermal data was composed to a thermal mosaic and points-of-interest are identified and categorized. The processed results were presented in Drone Systems’ web platform, Teraplan.dk, which provides the district heating company with the toolset to utilize the results to locate and remedy both immediate and upcoming ruptures. On the long-term scale, the results can be used to perform strategic and prioritized renovation planning.

One of the inspected sections was observed with the identification of one very large leak, one moderate sized leak and two hot components.

This image shows the thermal mosaic from a lower zoom level, thus providing a greater overview.
‘We have been using UgCS as our supplier for ground station software for the past four years, and we are very satisfied with their product. Our thermal data collection is performed in a cold and challenging environment, with various drone platforms. The versatile software UgCS is, makes it possible for us to execute pre-planned routes on all our drone platforms. In that regard, UgCS has been helpful and committed to providing targeted assistance and added features to UgCS over time, that has enhanced our efficiency, workflow and data collection quality. We find that UgCS are both professional, agile and innovative while maintaining a pragmatic solution approach’, Sune Nielsen, COO at Drone Systems says.

In 2021, Drone Systems is covering 2185 acres in Copenhagen with UAV flights managed with UgCS.