Drone show industry - a place for professional growth: A.Jadormeo

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June 2, 2022

Drone Show Software team by SPH Engineering cooperates with professionals of various profiles and launches ‘Drone show industry - a place for professional growth‘, a series of success stories with drone show industry players. Here is the story of Angelito Jadormeo - a drone show choreographer and technical artist. 

Angelito was the winner of the 1st Drone Show Choreography Competition in 2020, and in 2021 already a member of the 2nd International Drone Show Competition jury. Today, Angelito is a demanded specialist and works for one of the leading drone show companies in the United States.

Angelito has worked in the field of technical art and 3D animation for a long time and once understood that his skills can be useful for the drone show industry, so he started to practice, develop workflows and write tools, creating test shows.

According to Angelito the main skills that should be applied in the drone show choreography field are:

  • Creativity and imagination,
  • Knowledge of 3D animation tools,
  • Ability to work with design and color,
  • Some modeling and rigging skills will definitely help if you are going to work with complex 3D images,
  • Some technical art skills.

Angelito started looking and doing some freelance work for companies/people knowing that they provide a drone light show service. Then Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering held the 1st Drone Show Choreography Competition where his work won the first prize and after that, he got a few more clients, and one of them was Sky Elements.

“I think the drone show companies found out about the 1st Drone Show Choreography Competition and it opened the doors for contestants and allowed me to get to know Sky Elements directly. I worked freelance for them for several months and eventually I was given the chance to be part of their team. I am now proud of almost all of my shows. For a creator, one of the main things that give you a sense of satisfaction is the audience's appreciation of the art and creativity in the drone show.” Angelito comments.

The project of www.skyelementsdrones.com in which Angelito was involved

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