Drone Industry Insights | Expert opinions - Alexei Yankelevich, Head of Software Development at SPH Engineering

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SPH Engineering
February 16, 2022

Article by Ed Alvarado

We last spoke in early 2021, what are some updates you can give us about your company and products?

Alexei Yankelevich (SPH Engineering): SPH Engineering grows with the market and even faster than the market. As of today we have 4 product lines in our portfolio: 1) UgCS – a ground control software for drones, 2) UgCS Integrated Systems – airborne integrated systems with sensors from diverse manufacturers, 3) Drone Show Software – a commercially available software to manage drone swarm flights, and 4) ATLAS –  a modern spatial data sharing platform for drone teams. Each product line grows on itself, however the most interesting thing is that we ship more and more combined solutions consisting of several products.

When people think about drones, they tend to think first of hardware, yet software is obviously key for a drone’s functioning. What makes your solution unique to the market? What would you say is your Unique Selling Point?

Alexei Yankelevich (SPH Engineering): I would say people no longer think about drone hardware or software. People think about solutions for their problems. And SPH Engineering does not behave like a software or hardware vendor only. We offer our expertise in AEC, agriculture, energy, geophysics, etc.

Last year we were the first who introduced LiDAR flight planning tools and we are working on industry-specific workflows to help pilots minimise mistakes during data acquisition.

Another interesting trend is that “one-man army” pilots turn into larger teams. This happens with small drone service providers and drone-enthusiasts in GIS departments in large organisations. We think that it’s time to focus not just on individual pilot’s needs but also on the needs of a distributed team. This is why we develop ATLAS – a scalable spatial data sharing and collaboration platform for modern GIS teams.

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