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Drone-empowered live discussion that you don’t want to miss!

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
November 1, 2023

If, just for once, you have wondered if you could turn your passion for technology and drones into something that resonates with a greater purpose, this one is for you!

Imagine operating drones not only to make a difference but to secure profitable opportunities for your company and yourself, no matter whether it’s LiDAR or photogrammetry mission you feel the most powerful in. Contributing to diverse industries, from agriculture to real estate, using drone technology to revolutionize processes, optimize efficiencies, and drive innovation.

Our experts, with impressive experience and deep knowledge, are here to show you the way.


  • Go over what`s happening in the drone industry
  • Discuss ways for drone pilots to make more money and tools needed
  • Answer your questions live


  • Kristaps Brass - Drone pilot, Product Owner of UgCS at SPH Engineering
  • Dylan Gorman - Drone pilot, Founder of Pilot Byte - Aerial Intelligence Expert
  • Jeremiah Wong -  Drone pilot, Talks about UAS, lidar, mapping3d, drone surveying