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January 5, 2022

Article by Jeff Child

Enabling the Connected Farm

In today’s Smart Agriculture industry, it’s clear that all the major challenges in that space lead to IoT solutions. Advances in communication and sensing technologies are being married with advanced data analytics to ensure agricultural production that’s both sustainable and resource-efficient.

Gone are the days when farming and agriculture were thought of as low-tech endeavors. Indeed, the emergence of Smart Agriculture solutions are bringing all manner of advanced technologies into the hands of farm owners. Motivated to extract the most productivity out of their operations, farmers large and small are turning to Smart Agriculture solutions comprised of IoT-centric wireless communications, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision and more.

Over the last 12 months, suppliers of Smart Agriculture technologies have upped their game rolling out new products in the form of comms modules, analytic software tools, GNSS-based tracking devices, specialized cameras and more. Not surprisingly, many of these solutions overlap with technologies aimed at the Internet of Things (IoT).

Data analysis tool

While many Smart Agriculture solutions are made for collecting data and tracking assets, it’s also important to be able to analyze and act on the information farmers collect. With that in mind, SPH Engineering provides a platform tool called ATLAS. ATLAS is an AI-driven digital platform for precision farming insights based on drones, aerial satellite data and use of AI detectors.

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