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Behind the scenes / Success story of North Star Drone Shows (Canada)

Drone Show Technologies
December 10, 2020

Patrice Guy, a technical director at North Star Drone Show, presented company’s experience with Drone Show Software running shows for the largest Bank in Quebec, Canada.

North Star Drone Show was the company behind a teaser video for Drake’s first sneaker collaboration with Nike, showing Drake and Nike collaboration logo among the night lights of the Toronto skyline. In the video, Patrice talks about the timeline and preparations required to organize a show with 200 drones, explain the process of designing the show, and discusses the importance of communicating the idea of the future show to the stakeholders.

Guest speaker: Patrice Guy Technical director of North Star Drone Shows Patrice is a 33-year veteran of the international pyrotechnics industry. He is the Co-owner and Technical Director of Northstar Fireworks Inc. and is the former Vice-chairman of the Canadian Pyrotechnic Council. His specialty is in Pyro musical Design, Show Production and Drone Light Shows. Most recently, Patrice served as the Technical Director of 2017, 2018, and 2019 editions of the Philippines International Pyro Musical Competition. He has also worked at Ocean Park, Sea World, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Anaheim Disneyland, the Shanghai Special Olympics, and the Asian Games. In addition, Patrice featured on the National Geographic channel's "Inside Hong Kong's Big Bang". His work twice set Guinness World Records: as a designer and technical director of the 84th birthday of His Highness the King of Thailand in 2011, and as a producer of the largest fireworks show ever in 2017. After spending years abroad performing international shows, Patrice finally returned home to Canada to Join Northstar Fireworks.

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