ATLAS Update | Version 2023.01.01

Data Processing & Custom Development
January 13, 2023

New features released for Version 2023.01.01.

New features

  • Point cloud switcher of rendering mode (RGB, intensity, height) introduced in the point cloud context menu
  • For newly imported DXF files a better rendering resolution will be applied 
  • Anonymous map view now shows more map area rather than other UI. Left and right vertical bars are hidden
  • Anonymous map view now does not contain “breadcrumbs” in the top bar to avoid user accidentally go away from the screen
  • Anonymous map view now does not contain disabled “Share” and “Upload” buttons to avoid a users confusion
  • 2D / 3D map switcher does not look like disabled anymore

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fix: Image preview generator skips some images
  • Fix: Cross-section window appears even if cross section is not selected

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