ATLAS Update | Ability to download data in sharing projects

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Data Processing & Custom Development
December 23, 2022

New features released for Version 2022.12.4! ATLAS allows sharing data in public projects with "Make project data public", B3DM Cesium format is available to upload.

New features

  • Quick sharing now has an option to enable data downloading for anonymous visitors. In the sharing dialog click "Make project data public". Feature is enabled for public projects. If project is not public, all data access is managed according to user role in the project.
  • Now it is possible to upload textured 3D models in B3DM Cesium format. This format is default for DJI Terra and consists of multiple tiles which makes it suitable for large scale 3D models, because of fast loading in the web viewer. DJI Terra typically generates 3D models in the terra_b3dms folder of the project. Before uploading to ATLAS, open the folder and Zip the content into a single file.  Good thing about B3DM is that it already contains georeferencing information, so no need to specify it manually. 
  • Point cloud without RGB attributes is now rendered with synthetic color based on Height value

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fix: If survey does not contain orthophoto, but contains a point cloud or 3D model on the map, import data dialog box appears instead of 3d view when entering the survey 
  • Fix: GSD and area size disappeared for some of old projects
  • Fix: Point cloud with 16bit RGB colors is not rendering correctly