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ATLAS Update | 29.06.2020

Data Processing & Custom Development
June 29, 2020

Following updates and bug fixes were deployed to ATLAS.

  • Bug: Fixed non-Latin symbols handling in DXF Georeferencing
  • AI has become a bit “smarter”
  • Newly trained detectors are more robust in different light conditions
  • For annotation, without any training zone, an invisible training zone with the same shape as annotation has been added
  • That may#nbsp;reduce#nbsp;the number of training faults due to the absence of a training zone. But for better detection results it is still very important to add training zones manually. Training zones help to identify background.
  • Sometimes on maps, there was experienced some detections outside of the map area
  • Fixed cases leading to such behavior

If you don’t detect any changes in your ATLAS, please Press Refresh (Ctrl+F5/cmd+R) in the browser.

If there are any issues with your ATLAS profile please let us know by sending a message to support@ugcs.com

Stay tuned!

More cool things are planned in the near future.

Wishing you a great day,

ATLAS Support team.