ATLAS Update | 15.02.2021

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Data Processing & Custom Development
February 15, 2021

New features released! Try: “MagicWand” the fast annotation tool, volume measurement tool for working areas, exporting to DXF format.

ATLAS has gone through a major upgrade and introduced a number of new and enhanced features.

NEW! “MagicWand” the fast annotation tool

Just like the ancient magic wand tool we love, this one selects pixels based on#nbsp; tone and color and thus accelerates annotation many times. Watch the wand in action annotating solar panels, pools, roads, and other objects.

NEW! Volume measurement tool for working areas

Select a working area and calculate cut and fill volumes in a few clicks. Watch how it works (the video starts at 30:00).

Advanced object counting tool

Advanced object counting allows precise tree counting on regular plants and more. Watch the webinar for details Automating territory segmentation on satellite imagery

NEW! Exporting to DXF format

All annotations now can be exported to DXF format, compatible with Autodesk Civil3D.

You will find “Export” button is in the top right corner of the map screen.

The simplified data uploading process

“Upload” button in the top right corner of the map screen enables easy orthomosaic, elevation, and annotation uploading.

Simplified annotation panel

An annotation panel is located in the right part of the screen and contains enhanced sections:

  • “Objects and backgrounds”. Cards are simplified. No need to expand the card to change the annotation visibility anymore.
  • “Working areas”. Cards are simplified. No need to expand the card to see the working area statistics. A “Details” button added to show working area statistics. “Zoom to area” item added to a context menu to zoom map to a working area