ATLAS | How to Train a New AI Detector

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Data Processing & Custom Development
May 23, 2020

Learn how to train a new detector for automatic crosswalk detection on drone imagery.

How to Train Detector for Automatic Crosswalk Detection

  • Mark and label several crosswalks
  • Set training zone including labelled crosswalks
  • Annotate more crosswalks and training zones
  • Training zone should not include unlabelled crosswalks
  • Check that within training zones all crosswalks are labelled
  • Choose “Create new” to start a new training
  • Choose label and create detectors name
  • To check training's status click the notification (bell) icon
  • When training finished - click “Run” and choose the trained detector
  • The detector will start the processing
  • To check processing status click the notification (bell) icon
  • Detected crosswalks are highlighted green
  • Click Layers icon to display all layers.