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Announcing unique capability to integrate drone shows into outdoor performances empowered by SPH Engineering's new Drone Show Software

Drone Show Technologies
July 8, 2020

Riga, Latvia - July 8, 2020 - SPH Engineering releases Drone Show Software update making it compatible with time code machines, bringing new tool for the entertainment industry to integrate drone shows with any outdoor events and performances. This integration was firstly presented during an event on 4th of July combining two drone fleets equipped with lights and pyro, and fireworks in synchronised formations with music.

The released update of Drone Show Software enables entertainment industry to use drones not only as a standalone performance perfectly synchronised to music, but also to integrate drone shows as a part of more complex outdoor happenings like, concerts, laser or fountain show or firework displays.

The option to equip drones with not only lights adds an extra layer of versatility of drone application for the entertainment industry - enhancing or replacing show elements which can’t be used for certain events because of increased fire, loudness or flashing hazard.

How it works

The timecode with music is started from one controlling computer and passed over to all the receiving hardware - fireworks control panel and drone show controlling computer. Once the timecode is started, the show is initialised and all components wait for starting command. The video recording presents how accurate the drones and fireworks create synchronised formations and interact with the music rhythm.

“SPH Engineering is honoured delivering new Drone Show Software offering fundamentally new event experience. The new tool allows to integrate all essential elements for an excellent performance, like music, special effects and drone dance which can also be delivered as a digital entertainment. We are very excited to deliver a solution to the demanding customers who thrive for excellence to ensure them the possibility to create new level shows,” says Alexey Dobrovolskiy, CTO of SPH Engineering.

The 4th of July show for Independence day celebration is a collaboration of three companies based in Latvia (EU):

  • BaseMotion - choreography and flight planning of drones
  • SPH Engineering - drone fleet, hardware and Drone Show Software
  • IFD International Fireworks Design - pyrotechnics and choreography

Enjoy the video recordings presenting the new #DroneShowSoftware's technology


About SPH Engineering / DroneShowSoftware
Drone Show Software allows anyone with drones, ambition and a choreographer to create mind-blowing drone shows. As well as the excitement and novelty, the benefits of drone shows include easy scalability and integrability with other show elements. SPH Engineering ( founded in 2013 is based in Riga, Latvia, and provides software, training and know-how to companies wanting to get involved with the entertainment industry’s latest sensation and is the world’s premier software developer and integration services provider for unmanned systems. SPH Engineering has a global customer and reseller network in 196 countries, while over 45% of customers are located in North America. SPH has developed UgCS, UgCS CC, UgCS Mapper, ATLAS, Drone Show Software, and Industrial Integration Solutions for UAV with Echo Sounders, Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR), Methane detectors, and Magnetometers enriched with radar/laser altimeters. The company’s solutions are applied across a wide range of industries worldwide.

About BaseMotion
BaseMotion founded 2003 is based in Riga, Latvia and provide high quality character animation and visual effects for movies as well as choreography services for drone shows. BaseMotion has a vast experience for drone show choreography preparation - the new and exciting visual medium.

About IFD - International Fireworks DesignIFD is the leading firework service provider in Latvia with more than 15 years of experience providing safe and mesmerising pyro shows for entertainment industry - from private parties, to international projects. The extraordinary firework displays are achieved by adding the traditional pyrotechnics with latest technologies to enable high quality firework and special effects for outstanding audio-visual performances.