Announcing the UgCS update adding comprehensive search capability for drones for SAR operations

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
October 1, 2018

Riga, Latvia - October 1, 2018 - SPH Engineering’s latest update of UgCS adds a comprehensive search capability for drones that will allow remote pilots to more effectively conduct search and rescue operations using the UgCS platform. The search pattern tool has been developed together with public safety and disaster response UAS experts Airborne Response®.

The new UgCS enhancements will provide users with a variety of quickly customizable search patterns such as the “expanding square” and “creeping-line” that can be easily deployed in emergency and non-emergency situations. Based on the flight altitude input by the operator, the UgCS software will automatically calculate key variables such as the course heading and track spacing necessary to provide the prescribed coverage area for a search target.

“As first responders, we are trained to develop an emergency search plan using time-tested and proven tactics,” says Tom “Oaty” Oatmeyer, Chief Pilot, Airborne Response. “The new enhancements to the UgCS mission planning software will allow remote pilots at every skill level to quickly plan and implement a professional search mission with a UAS.”

Search Pattern - Expanding Square

Expanding square tool creates an area for search based on the search radius, selected camera's profile and flight height (AGL). A rectangle spiral-like flight trajectory that covers the specified area around the location will be calculated, having no gaps of the camera’s footprint. Search spacing is derived from the selected camera's horizontal FOV and the flight height.

Search Pattern - Creeping-line

The search spacing of the creeping-line is calculated according to the horizontal FOV of the selected camera’s profile and set height of the flight. All transversal flight segments are parallel, all side segments are located on a convex perimeter of the area's shape.

“The new UgCS search feature is designed to make searching for a target with a drone as simple and reliable as possible,” according to Janis Kuze, Sales Director of SPH Engineering. “We look forward to continue working with the Airborne Response team to further enhance the software capabilities and implement additional search pattern features.”

Airborne Response and UgCS hosted a joint web conference, to officially unveil the new search features of the UgCS mission planning software.


About Airborne Response

Based in Miami, Airborne Response provides unmanned systems experts to capture aerial imagery and data from the world’s most challenging environments. Airborne Response is developing the World’s Largest Air Force™ specializing in public safety, critical infrastructure, security, and disaster response UAS training and flight operations. Airborne Response personnel train and work alongside first responders and industrial subject matter experts both within the U.S. and internationally. For more information on Airborne Response, please visit:

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