4th International
Drone Show Competition

The only international competition that brings together the best practices and approaches in the drone show industry
September - December 2023
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The application period has ended - results of the Competition will be announced on December 4th, 2023.
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Key Event for Professionals in the Drone Show Industry

The Competition aims to bring together the best representatives of the drone show industry and present their amazing drone light shows and projects to the whole world!
The 4th Drone Show Competition is shifting from online to offline, uniting the Global Drone Show Community. This year's dynamic two-stage voting involves both community members and a jury to choose winners. The international jury, including media, drone, and entertainment experts, awards valuable prizes. Winners gain Global Drone Show Community recognition and a chance to showcase animations at the 2024 International Flock's Drone Show Festival.
In 2020, SPH Engineering kicked off the 1st International Drone Show Choreography Competition. In 3 years, this contest has evolved into a broader Drone Show Competition, with 469 entries from 104 countries and honoring 31 outstanding creators.


Drone Show at an Event
This category celebrates the best drone show presented at the event.
Drone Show Storytelling
This category acknowledges a drone show that effectively tells a compelling narrative or conveys a story through its performance.
Drone Show as Marketing Tool
This category highlights the drone show that successfully uses the medium as a marketing tool.
Drone Show for Raising Social Awareness
This category recognizes the drone show that raises awareness about social problems or essential causes.
Drone Show with a Small Fleet up to 100 drones
This prize is given to drone shows that demonstrate exceptional creativity and accuracy despite having a smaller fleet of drones.
Collaborative Drone Show
This award recognizes exceptional drone shows born from teamwork among drone show providers.
Rising Star Drone Show
This special prize is dedicated to start-up businesses or individuals who are new to the drone show industry (launched business in 2022).

Partner Nomination

Drone Show Animation | 300 drones
This category recognizes the drone show demonstrating exceptional creativity and visual storytelling through animation. The winners in this category will illuminate the festival program of the International Drone Show Festival in Spain in 2024, organized by Flock Drone Art.


Each winner will receive

Worldwide recognition & media coverage
Winner prize set

Top prizes for the Nominations

FPV Drone
Drone Show at the Event
Cannes Lions 2024
International Festival of Creativity
Drone Show as a Marketing Tool
FPV Drone
Drone Show Storytelling
Drone Show for Raising Social Awareness

Prizes for Partner Nomination

Drone Show Animation | 300 drones
International forum SIGGRAPH
Asia 2024
This special prize is given to drone shows that demonstrate exceptional creativity and accuracy despite having a smaller fleet of drones.
International Drone Show Festival 2024
by Flock Drone Art
This award recognizes exceptional drone shows born from teamwork among drone show providers.

Prizes for Special Nominations

SUP board (custom set)
Drone Show with a Small Fleet up to 100 drones
INSTA360 X3 Actioncam
Collaborative Drone Show
Media Publication
Rising Star Drone Show

Judging & Evaluation

This year's dynamic two-stage voting involves both Drone Show Community members and a jury to choose winners.
At the 1st stage, the members of the Drone Show Community will vote for the top 5 projects in each category. Drone Show Community is the largest and most experienced community of drone show industry specialists
At the 2nd stage, the International Jury consisting of industry experts and professionals will be responsible for evaluating the finalists.


SPH Engineering
Head of Drone Show Technologies
Within a few years in the drone show business Alex, together with a team of professionals, has built the brand from scratch. Today, Drone Show Software is the only commercially available solution to manage drone swarm shows and is used in over 60 countries globally.
The Drone Girl
Sally French is a journalist and the founder of TheDroneGirl.com, a website with drone industry news, plus reviews and tips around drone flying. She is a world-renowned expert in drones. She has been quoted as an expert in publications including The New York Times and Consumer Reports. Sally was also named one of Fortune Magazine’s “4 top women shaping the drone industry.”
Base Motion
Expert in drone show choreography / 3D animation, Executive Producer
Armands and his team have been working in the international drone show market for many years and creating animations for companies from all over the world. Base Motion is a post-production studio specializing in drone show choreography and character animation.
Drone Show Festival organiser
CEO at Flock Drone Art and director of the International Drone Festival
Fran has been working with drones for more than 10 years. A specialist in show business, he founded Flock Drone Art with other partners to illuminate the sky with art and technology. He runs the first international festival of drone shows with the aim of raising the profile of this promising new entertainment industry.
Drone Show Festival organiser
Artistic Department Manager of Flock Drone Art and Codirector of International Drone Festival
“With so many large and small operators emerging globally, we as a community are now in a great position to create beautiful, exciting, and safe shows and experiences. Together, we can spread the drone show magic globally.”
Projection, Lights Staging News (PLSN) Magazine
Michael S. Eddy is the Editor of Projection, Lights & Staging News (PLSN) covering technology, products, and design for the entertainment technology industry. He has worked in the entertainment technology industry for more than 40 years. A graduate of the University of Evansville, he worked as a theatrical electrician and lighting designer in New York City before moving into marketing roles for companies including ETC, Rosco, Barbizon, and PRG. He started as a technical editor and a contributing editor over 20 years ago for several of the entertainment industry magazines, and prior to editing PLSN was the Editor-in-Chief for Stage Directions Magazine.
Diffuse, France
The Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Diffuse
“I'm a big dreamer or rather an "artist" as my friends like to say. I have always been fascinated by the world of entertainment, which allows us to create timeless moments and transport us to unique universes. Today, I am the Artistic Director and co-founder of Diffuse. Having been a pyrotechnic designer for many years and always in search of new ways to produce immersive performances, the desire to work in a new mode of expression became apparent when I discovered the field of drone light shows”.
Drone Show Animations
CEO & Pathfinder
Pedro Rosário, co-founder of Drone Show Animations with João Rosário, has carved out a respected niche in aerial storytelling. Last year, his team won the "Best Drone Show Animation" award. With a deep understanding of both the technical and artistic aspects of drone shows, he looks forward to contributing his balanced perspective. Pedro is particularly excited to witness the innovative approaches that this year's competitors will bring to the table.
The Institute for Drone Technology
Co-FounderCo-Founder and Director and Director
Paul is an early adopter and believes in the power of drone technology in all spheres of life. He was involved in many elements of the wider drone world in the early stages of the industry development in all its forms. The Institute for Drone Technology has been operating now for over seven years and has 69 government and corporate customers in New Zealand and Australia.

Benefits of Participation

Engaging in the competition offers numerous advantages
Industry recognition
Increased exposure
Fostering valuable connections
Spotlighting your creative prowess and skills


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Winners' voices

D.S.A. - Drone Show Animations | Portugal
"A couple of years ago I had the idea of using drones as a new media channel. After a brief research, I found that it already existed and behind this new wave there was DSS by SPH Engineering. By then I was blown away by shows, in the middle of the snow, that consisted of 20 something drones and basic shapes. Nowadays, due to the constant innovation in both hardware and software, we can experience shows with thousands of drones, on a massive scale, consisting of intricate shapes and compelling stories.There is no denying that this industry is here to stay, its growth has been exponential, and its full potential is still being explored. Competition is a healthy way to push the boundaries and once again, the DSS team is behind this expansion. We are grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this new era of creation."
Diffuse x Titouan Malivoir| France
“We are happy to see the boom in the field of drone light shows around the world! Each member of the Drone Show Community competes in originality to push the limits of creation and innovate in this recent field. The organization of this competition joins the strong dynamics of this sector, and allows companies and independents to be able to express their own artistic vision of this new kind of show. Finally, we would like to congratulate all the participants of this wonderful 3rd edition of the competition!”
Andrei Golenev, Marc Brickman, Lumasky team & Havas Paris | United Arab Emirates
Today we see how far the industry has come forward in just one year, many well-known brands have turned their attention to drones as a marketing tool, and almost all major world events have not been without them. The competition provides an opportunity to demonstrate technical innovations and creative ideas to a wide audience, as well as to inspire start-up companies to new achievements
Dutch Drone Shows | Netherlands
"In our opinion the Drone Show Industry, especially in Europe, is still in its early stages. It's a combination of technology, legislation and creativity that still has a huge potential to grow. We love to be a part of this emerging technology, creating unforgettable experiences and teaching people all there is to know about drone shows. A competition like this triggers show operators to go above and beyond their limits with their shows and getting the interest of a broad group of people."
Teemu Eskola| Finland
"I have designed drone shows as a freelancer for a few years now, and I'm still amazed by them. It's pure magic in the air. This competition is a great showcase for the state of the art. For designers, it is the place to really present what we can do. For my entry, I needed to come up with new ideas, methods and tools to make my vision a reality. My craft is now on a new level and I'm looking forward to leverage the learnings in future projects"


1st Drone Show Competition
In 2020, SPH Engineering organized first-ever drone show competition with the goal of unleashing the hidden potential of drone light show animation designers worldwide. The competition saw 153 participants from 50 countries competing in six different nominations, ultimately leading to the recognition of six winners.
2nd Drone Show Competition
In 2021 SPH Engineering's Drone Show Software team successfully organized the 2nd International Drone Show Competition and had 214 registrations from over 104 countries.The concept of the Competition in 2021 turned into a multidisciplinary contest of both shows performed by real drones and drone show animations.
3rd Drone Show Competition
In 2022, the Drone Show Competition expanded, introducing new categories like "Best Drone Show Storytelling" and "Best Simulation with Drones and Fireworks." The competition received applications from 102 participants across eight exciting categories, and 15 outstanding winners were recognized. Additionally, a partnership with the Flock Drone Art International Festival allowed the Drone Show Competition to showcase the incredible talents of its winners.